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  1. Museums are Closer Than Ever

    Museums are Closer Than Ever

    Museums are Closer Than Ever

    Posted by Jeff Garrett on 5/19/2018

    Numismatic and other treasures in the world's museums are being digitized so everyone can access them. One of my favorite pastimes and something I have pursued with passion is visiting museums. I have been to hundreds of them over the years, and I still get excited when I discover a new one.

  2. Evolution of Rare Coin Price Guides

    Evolution of Rare Coin Price Guides


    Some of the oldest rare coin price guides for US coins began in the mid to late 1800’s. There was boom of collector interest in US coinage when the Mint stopped making Large Cents. A few of the great collections of the era where started at this time. Over the generations, rare coin price guides changed very little. Slowly condition became more of a factor in pricing, but with only one or two grades listed for most coins. In late 1946 the Guide Book of United States (Redbook) coins was first published. This became the bible of numismatic pricing for the next 50 years or so. I remember times in the 1970’s when dealers would not price coins in inventory until the latest edition of the Redbook was distributed. Most of my early knowledge of rare coins came from memorizing as much as possible of the Redbook.

  3. Ten Reasons Why the Rare Coin Market is Looking Up

    Ten Reasons Why the Rare Coin Market is Looking Up

    Ten reasons to be excited about the future of numismatics

    By Jeff Garrett

    Nearly everyone who is deeply involved with numismatics can attest to the fact that the rare coin market has been soft or depressed in the last few years. Coin prices for many series have drifted downward, some to historic lows. There are a lot of coins that can be purchased for prices last seen in the 1980s. I have highlighted a few of these series in recent months, and plan to discuss several more in the coming weeks and months.

    Despite the lower prices for many series and issues, the prices for extreme rarities and grades have been solid, if not higher. In the last five years, a lot of great coins brought record prices at auction. The demand for mega coins far outstripped the limited supply. A few big payers have had a tremendous impact, competing with each other to build registry sets of the finest known coins.


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