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1873-CC 50C Arrows Liberty Seated Half Dollar PCGS MS65




1873-CC 50C Arrows MS65 PCGS. WB-102, Die Pair 4. Ex: Stellar. With Arrows, Open 3, Small CC. The design of the Seated Liberty half dollar was modified during the year 1873 in several details. First, the 3 in the date was changed from the old Closed 3 to a more easily distinguished Open 3 because Chief Coiner A. Louden Snowden complained that the old digit looked too much like an 8. Second, the Coin Act of 1873 specified a new weight for the half dollar planchet, increasing the weight from 192 grains to 192.9 grains, effective April 1, 1873. To signify this weight change, arrows were added on either side of the date, as had been done for a previous weight change twenty years earlier. Receipt of six half dollar dies with the new Open 3 and Arrows motif was acknowledged by Carson City Mint Superintendent Henry Rice on March 31, 1873, just before the new weight standard took effect. The new dies also featured a smaller CC mintmark. According to Mint records, 214,560 half dollars were struck with the new dies, compared to 122,500 of the earlier No Arrows type. The Arrows design was continued in 1874 and dropped after that, creating an extremely popular two-year design type. It seems the entire mintage of 1873-CC half dollars was released into circulation at the time of issue, and few were saved by contemporary collectors. Randy Wiley and Bill Bugert list the 1873-CC Arrows half dollar as a High R.7 issue in Mint State grades. The present coin is a delightful Gem, with sharply detailed design elements and vibrant mint luster, under pleasing shades of champagne-gold toning. Interesting die cracks are seen from the rock through the stars on the left, and through the leaves and letters TED on the reverse. This coin is a prime Registry Set candidate. Population: 1 in 65, 1 finer. Check out all the great US Coins, Ancients, World, Paper Money and Exonumia at Sarasota Numismatics.