$2.50 Indian Quarter Eagle Grading Set PCGS F2 - MS65 24 Coins Matching Older Holders



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This set was a labor of love, incredibly difficult to put together with every grade from F2 to MS65. To show how hard this would be to make, Only 2 sets can exist. Pops for the type on some of these grades are 2,3,6,6,6,9,9 and 10, for every date. The fact that the holders match is even more amazing. The coins included are 1909 F2, 1908 AG03, 1928 G4, 1912 G06, 1915 VG08, 1912 VG10, 1928 F12, 1914 F15, 1914 VF20, 1915 VF25, 1910 VF30, 1928 VF35, 1915 XF40, 1913 XF45, 1913 AU50, 1913 AU53, 1911 AU55, 1927 AU58, 1925-D MS60, 1926 MS61, 1925-D MS62, 1908 MS63, 1926 MS64, 1925-D MS65. Check out all the great US Coins, Currency, Ancients, World and Exonumia at Sarasota Numismatics. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about this or any of our other extensive offerings.