1. Ten Reasons Why the Rare Coin Market is Looking Up

    Ten Reasons Why the Rare Coin Market is Looking Up

    Ten reasons to be excited about the future of numismatics

    By Jeff Garrett

    Nearly everyone who is deeply involved with numismatics can attest to the fact that the rare coin market has been soft or depressed in the last few years. Coin prices for many series have drifted downward, some to historic lows. There are a lot of coins that can be purchased for prices last seen in the 1980s. I have highlighted a few of these series in recent months, and plan to discuss several more in the coming weeks and months.

    Despite the lower prices for many series and issues, the prices for extreme rarities and grades have been solid, if not higher. In the last five years, a lot of great coins brought record prices at auction. The demand for mega coins far outstripped the limited supply. A few big payers have had a tremendous impact, competing with each other to build registry sets of the finest known coins.

  2. New Monthly Grey Sheet

    New Monthly Grey Sheet

    Greysheet is changing to a all encompassing Monthly issue. The first issue premiers May 2018, and now includes the entire Greysheet newsletters, Bluesheet (certified coin), and Goldsheet pricing in one tabloid, every month.

  3. Sarasota Coin Club Dinner March 2018

    Sarasota Coin Club Dinner March 2018

    We had 50 members attend our dinner meeting at Flemings. Thanks everyone who was able to attend.

  4. How Much Should I Invest In Precious Metals?

    How Much Should I Invest In Precious Metals?

    How Much Should I Invest In Precious Metals?

    I do a considerable amount of reading about current trends in precious metals and I’d like to share with you some of those articles and links that I find informative and relevant.  Be fore warned though differing opinions will be offered here.  So please use these as educational tools and continue to Do Your Own Due diligence.

    The question of how much of a portfolio should be invested in gold, silver or other precious metals is a topic of debate. The fact of the matter is that there is no clear answer to this question. Investors may have different goals or objectives, different tolerances to risk, different views on the economy and different ideas on portfolio diversification. Here we will look at some of the potential pros and cons of investing in precious metals. We will also look at some common recommendations as to what an appropriate allocation in precious metals may be.

  5. Flemings March Coin Club Dinner

    Flemings March Coin Club Dinner

    Sarasota Coin Club March Dinner meeting will be held at Flemings Steakhouse in their meeting room area. Cocktails start at approximately 6:00, Dinner at 7:00 with a meeting, raffle and auction to follow. Price for members is $30 and non members $50. For those who will bring non members, please remember membership is only $10. 

  6. 2018 Metal Market Forecasts

    2018 Metal Market Forecasts

    Hello, I’m Kent and I do the majority of the bullion trading here at the store.

    This is my first attempt at a Blog so please give me just a little latitude.


    What this blog will not do is offer any specific or implied market advice on my part.

  7. 1913 Liberty Nickel

    1913 Liberty Nickel

    Walton 1913 Liberty Head Nickel tops $3.17 million

    The George Walton specimen of the 1913 Liberty Head nickel sold April 25 at auction in Schaumburg, Ill., for $3,172,500.

    Jeff Garrett from Mid-American Rare Coin Galleries, Lexington, Ky., placed the winning floor bid during Heritage Auction’s Platinum Night session held in conjunction with the 74th anniversary convention of the Central States Numismatic Society.

    Garrett said he purchased the coin in partnership with Larry Lee of Coin and Bullion Reserves, Panama City, Fla. Garrett said he and Lee have no immediate plans for the coin.

  8. Determining Coin Values

    Determining Coin Values

    Determining Coin Values

  9. Southern Quarter Eagle 1852-60

    Southern Quarter Eagle 1852-60

    Southern Mint Quarter Eagles
    1852 — 1860

    Authored by Jeff Garrett

    Mintage: 9,772
    Graded NGC: 91 Total, Mint State 8, Finest MS62 (1)

    The mintage for the year would indicate that the 1852-C Liberty Head quarter eagle is a scarce issue. That is surely the case, as just a few examples are offered for sale each year. Most of the known coins are in the Extremely Fine to About Uncirculated range. Mint State coins are very rare and when available are probably on the low end of the scale. The finest example known at this point again seems to be a Harry W. Bass Jr. coin, which was certified as MS-63 and sold in 1999 for $26,450. Bass had a keen eye for quality, and when offered the opportunity would purchase a coin to upgrade a date that he already possessed. The date is found with the usual maladies common on Charlotte Mint gold coinage: weak strike, clashed dies, rough planchets.

  10. Southern Quarter Eagle 1847-51

    Southern Quarter Eagle 1847-51

    Southern Mint Quarter Eagles
    1847 — 1851

    Authored by Jeff Garrett

    This issue we explore the second half of the Southern Quarter Eagles struck from 1847 to 1860. This group is rich in interesting and rare coins. Southern gold coins have become very popular in recent years. There is tremendous demand for original, problem free examples. Whether you are trying to complete the entire set or just looking for an interesting coin to add to your collection, hopefully the following information will prove helpful.


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