c.320-300 BC SICILY, SICULO-PUNIC AR Tetradrachm NGC AU50 * Star 5/5



Superb eye appeal on this Sicily piece. The Third Sicilian War (315–307 BC) In 315 BC Agathocles, the tyrant of Syracuse, seized the city of Messana, present-day Messina. In 311 BC, he invaded the last Carthaginian holdings on Sicily, which broke the terms of the current peace treaty, and he laid siege to Akragas. Hamilcar, grandson of Hanno the Navigator, successfully led the Carthaginian counterattack. He defeated Agathocles in the Battle of the Himera River in 311 BC. Agathocles had to retreat to Syracuse while Hamilcar won control over the rest of Sicily. In the same year, he laid siege to Syracuse itself. Carthaginian hoplite (4th century BC) In desperation, Agathocles secretly led an expedition of 14,000 men to the mainland of Africa, hoping to save his rule by leading a counterstrike against Carthage itself. In this, he was successful: Carthage was forced to recall Hamilcar and most of his army from Sicily to face the new and unexpected threat. The two armies met in the first Battle of White Tunis outside Carthage. The Carthaginian army, under Hanno and Hamilcar, was defeated. Agathocles and his forces laid siege to Carthage, but its impregnable walls repulsed him. Instead, the Greeks contented themselves with occupying Northern Tunisia until they were defeated two years later in 307 BC. Agathocles himself escaped back to Sicily and negotiated a peace treaty with the Carthaginians, which maintained Syracuse as a stronghold of Greek power in Sicily despite its loss of much of its power and of the strategic city of Messana.Fabulous artwork. Check out all the great US Coins, Ancients, Exonumia, World and Paper Money at Sarasota Numismatics.

More Information

More Information
Grading Service NGC
PCGS Coin Number No
Year of Issue No
Denomination Type Ancient Greek
Numeric Denomination AR Tetradrachm
Grade AU50
Designation No
Mint Location No
Strike Type No
Circulated/UnCirc Circulated
Variety No
Country of Origin No
Grade Add On STAR
Holder Type No

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