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When at Auction, It Pays to Have An Expert by Your Side
Professional advice can go a long way when buying rare coins at auctions. As nearly everyone who buys rare coins these days knows, a large percentage of the buying and selling happens at auctions. The auction market has exploded in recent years. Twenty-five years ago, the total amount of rare coins sold at auction in the United States was probably less than $25 million. More recently, that number is closer to $625 million or more. That does not include the thousands of coins sold each day on...
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April 28, 2022
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Tips for Collecting Indian Quarter Eagles
Collecting a complete set of any series of United States gold coins is a formidable task. Very few accept the challenge, as most series contain several “stoppers” that make completion almost impossible. Consider Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles as an example. The series starts with the 1907 High Relief and ends with the most expensive coin in the world, the 1933 Double Eagle. Most other series of United States gold coins are similarly difficult to complete. The Indian Quarter Eagle set (1908-1929)...
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April 14, 2022
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Tips on How to Collect Capped Bust Half Dollars
The early silver series can be rewarding, regardless of whether you collect by variety. When I wrote an article recently about collecting coins by die variety, Capped Bust Half Dollars were one of the series mentioned. The series, which was produced from 1807 to 1836, is rich with interesting die varieties for specialists. Since United Stated silver dollars were not produced during this period, half dollars were the workhorse coinage of the day. Most years were struck in copious quantities...
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March 31, 2022
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