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1904 Louisiana Purchase Expo Commemerative Spoon W/ Gold 1903 Jefferson Dollar, 1/2 & 1/4 Louisiana Gold Token

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1904 Louisiana Purchase/Jefferson Commemorative Gold Dollar,1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1/2 Louisiana Gold, 14 Stars, Hendershott-61-330, and 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1/4 Louisiana Gold, 10 Stars. Hendershott-61-310 Mounted in a Silver Spoon. That the two Louisiana Purchase gold dollar varieties were sold mounted in stickpins, brooches, and spoons is common numismatic knowledge, but few of those objects survive intact today. This spoon is incredibly rare and is one of the keys to any commemorative Americana collection. No Auctions records could be found and just a handful survive today. Check out all the great US Coins, Currency, Ancients, World and Exonumia at Sarasota Numismatics. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about this or any of our other extensive offerings.