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Product Name
  1. (1861-65) F-630AE-1e Graham Liquors Civil War Merchant Token NY NGC MS62
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  2. (1861-65) PEORIA F-692A-16a IL NGC MS62BN Yankee Robinson
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  4. 1819 Dated France Bronze Caque NGC MS62BN J. Baptiste Massillon
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  5. 1823 Dated France Bronze Caque NGC MS62BN William Camden
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  6. 1841 Daniel Webster Token HT-16 Hard Times NGC MS62BN
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  7. 1841 HT-18 Hard Times Token DANIEL WEBSTER NGC MS62BN
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  8. 1860 Token E. Hill Store Card GW-233 White Metal PCGS MS62
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  9. 1861-65 CIVIL WAR F-255/390 a TOKEN NGC MS62BN Knickerbocker
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  10. 1863 CIVIL WAR F-37/434 a TOKEN NGC MS62BN Public Accomodation
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  11. 1863 CWT F-45/332 FP Our Army Civil War Token NGC MS62BN
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  12. 1863 CWT Merchants Token MILWAUKEE F-510Z-1a WI NGC MS62BN
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  13. 1863 L.Eckert Copper PE F-165AL-4a PCGS MS62BN Token
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  14. 1863 NEW YORK F-630BK-1e NY NGC MS62 Ed Schaaf Token
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  15. 1863 NEW YORK F-630CC-4a NY NGC MS62BN Turkey Wash. MKT
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  16. 1863 NEW YORK F-630V-3a NY NGC MS62BN Doscher
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  17. 1863 Patriotic McClellan Army Navy 141/307a Civil War Token CWT ANACS MS62 RB
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  18. 1864 PHILA F-750L-1a PA NGC MS62BN Civil War Token
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  19. 1923 Bronze Spanish War 25th Anniversary Medal NGC MS62 BN
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